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Mayor since 2012 & Three Term Council member

With 12 years of experience serving the citizens of Shorewood, Scott's common sense and technical prowess have helped make good decisions for all.

Protecting our Natural Resources

Working together with state and local officals to keep Shorewood's clean and safe for all. Here with Chip Welling. Coordinator,. Management of Invasive. Aquatic Species. Ecological & Water Resources

Clear Water

The lakes are one of our areas most valuable assets to protect our property values, and our quality of life. I support finding the best ways to protect and enjoy our local natural resources.

Safe Access

Support the development of biking and pedestrian options to ensure a transportation infrastructure that is safe and convenient for both motorized and nonmotorized users.

Recreational Access

We need to work as a team to provide a recreational experience that is attractive, safe, and efficient by providing quality recreational facilities and events for the public to enjoy.


Voting is November 4, 2014. Please help me keep Shorewood moving forward!